Anagram Architects: SAHRDC

SAHRDC’ by anagram architects, new dehli, india all images courtesy of anagram architects
New dehli-based firm anagram architects have designed the office building for the ‘south asian human right documentation centre’, or SAHRDC, a non-governmental rights organization in new dehli, india. the group desired an interior with efficient space planning and overall cost-effective construction to run their day-to-day activities, which includes an internship program. positioned upon a busy street corner with pedestrian hustle and bustle, the small 50 square meter plot required a way to block the intrusive acoustical and visual problems along with direct solar gain also occurs along the 10 meter side of the plot.
these considerations led to a fortification from the street with a masonry wall which lightens its overall mass by integrating a pattern of penetrations. the screen features a cubic module of rotated bricks which has been repeated, allowing ventilation and daylight to pass through while producing the imagery of south asian brise-soleils. the arrangement is comprised of 6 brick components with the standard dimensions used in india: 230mm x 115mm x 75mm. horizontal interlocking from the stacked overlapping reinforces
the structure along with a thin concrete beam within the cavity from the absence of a brick.

Site Plan

Floor Plan

floor plan / typical



Brick Detail


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